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Our team at KidSpot has extensive experience in education and childcare, with most of our staff having worked in either or both fields for over 10 years. Through our experience as educators, childcare providers, and parents, we came to be deeply familiar with the struggle to find quality childcare options.  To help make your search easier, we have put together this article comparing different childcare options available today.

Comparing Childcare Options

• Daycare – Of all the childcare options on this list, the one you are probably most familiar with is traditional daycare. Daycares are typically operated out of commercial buildings, have numerous staff members, and group children by age. Most daycares are designed to care for the same group of children on an ongoing basis and require families to apply and enroll their kids in the program in order to get in.

• Family, Friend, or Neighbor Care – Another childcare option is to hire a family member, friend, neighbor, or professional nanny to look after your child. Asking your parents to watch your children is a form of childcare, as is hiring a babysitter.

• After-School Programs – Once your children reach school age, you will most likely have the option to enroll them in after-school programs. In these programs, teachers and support staff will continue to look after your children until you can pick them up.

• Drop-In Care – The last of the childcare options we’ll discuss here is the kind of care we provide—namely, drop-in care. Unlike a traditional daycare, we don’t provide consistent, ongoing care, but instead take care of your children for a few hours while you attend to temporary errands. It’s the perfect solution for last-minute or ongoing childcare needs.

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