Tips to Prepare Your Child For Our Child Drop-In Center

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At KidSpot, we offer childcare when you need it most, allowing you to get tasks completed and your child to enjoy playing with their peers. However, if you’ve never used our child drop-in center, it might be a good idea to prep your child beforehand.

Tips to Prepare Your Child For Our Child Drop-In Center

The following tips can help them feel better and give you peace of mind when you drop them off:

  • Make a Pre-Visit- If possible, visit our child drop-in center before using it. This lets you meet some of the staff and familiarize your child with the space. A pre-visit can help ease nervousness on the big day by making the center feel less strange.
  • Be Positive About the Experience- Use positive words when you talk about our child drop-in center. Focus on the fun things your child will do and the new friends they’ll make. While you might be nervous dropping them off, putting on a brave face so your kids won’t notice is best.
  • Provide Reassurance- Talk to your child about their time with us. Let them know how long they should be at our child drop-in center and ask what they’re excited to play with.
  • Be Patient- Every child is different, and the time it takes to get used to something new can vary. Be patient and sensitive to how your child feels. Like you, it’s normal for them to feel nervous the first time they visit us, but with time and help, they’ll get used to the surroundings and staff.

Our center can provide you with the childcare services you need, whether you got called into work unexpectedly, have an emergency, or need a date night. You and your child can get what you need by following the tips above. Contact our team today to learn more about our childcare center.

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