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Kids love our approach to non-traditional childcare.

If you’re with your kids most of the time, you know you need semi-regular breaks. Whether you need to get some work done, go out for the evening, or simply spend a few hours at home to relax, you also know it’s tough to find a babysitter you trust enough to watch your children. And if you don’t take your kids to daycare, you may feel like you never have any time to yourself.

Non-Traditional Childcare in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

At KidSpot, we’re a non-traditional childcare center that provides parents with a cost-effective way to get out for a date night or spend a few hours to themselves checking things off their to-do list. Our non-traditional childcare center is cost-effective and flexible. Bring your children when it’s convenient for you and only pay for the hours you use!

And while your children are with us, you can rest easy knowing they’re having a great time in a safe, supervised environment. All of our staff members love children and have years of experience working with them. Although we provide plenty of fun things for children to do, we don’t do any structured activities. This gives children the opportunity to play with other children and explore freely on their own without any interference from adults.

Our non-traditional childcare is a lifesaver for busy parents in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area and a fun place for children to go and enjoy themselves. If you’re interested in dropping your children off with us for a few hours, or you have any questions about our non-traditional childcare approach, contact us today.

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